The Weekend Collection

The weekend collection is comprised of four brand new scents, taking you on a journey through a weekend of unwinding.

The collection starts with freshly washed linen, and transports you through the garden and kitchen, before ending with an evening log fire.

The four scents are housed in 20cl Jars, elegantly packaged in our signature boxes.

Each candle is hand-poured using vegetable wax and our premium vegan fragrance and essential oils, in Yorkshire.

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Tomato Leaves

As the weather clears, this candle captures the essence of pottering into the greenhouse to tend to the herbs. The Sicilian lemon summons the Mediterranean heat under the glass, and the thick green tomato leaves strengthen your connection to nature. Sharp, herby and fresh, this scent is an oasis of calm in the weekend journey.

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Wood Smoke

When long days wind to a close, we all need a collection of exotic woods crackling in the hearth, to guarantee us a snug night of safe dreams. This dark, smoky and mature fragrance, welcomes you into the depths of the night with comforting arms. Reflect on the victories of the day, as you plunge into the embrace of eucalyptus, cade and birch.

Cotton Threads

Waking to the sound of rain tapping the window, nobody wants to leave the cocoon of the sheets. The sweeter top notes of this fragrance give you the inspiration to leave the confines of your bed, and start your journey through the weekend. Take the comforting scents of freshly laundered linen into the rest of your day, as the musky deeper notes energise your mind."

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Dark Honey

The weekend gives us the time to spend our energies on things we might normally overlook. Recharge in the kitchen with the rituals learnt in childhood, the weighing of the oats, and the whisking of the ingredients. Even before the eating, cakes reward us with the ultimate warm and comforting scents, honey and cacao wafting through the home."

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