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Unveiling the Essence of Interfaith Worship

In a recent gathering hosted by OSMIC, Rev. Jenney Miller captivated us audience with her talk, ‘One River, Many Wells: An Interfaith Talk,’ an exploration based on her essay ‘Is Interfaith Worship a Desirable Practice?’ first published in Interreligious Insight, The World Congress of Faiths International Interfaith Journal (June 2020). As she eloquently narrated her insights, it felt like a metaphorical journey through the depths of interfaith understanding—a guided exploration down the river of diverse beliefs and spirituality.

Each faith tradition resembles a distinct well, drawing from the underground river of shared spiritual essence. These wells, though unique in beliefs and practices, are interconnected by our collective pursuit of truth and meaning. This interconnectedness highlights the appeal of interfaith worship, nurturing an environment where we can collectively draw from this shared essence, enriching and deepening our understanding.

This captivating journey offered a glimpse into the wells of belief structures, each representing humanity’s unique quest for meaning and spirituality, prompting us to ponder—is interfaith worship truly desirable?



From my vantage point, interfaith worship stands as a testament to the inclusivity and unity that humanity yearns for. It represents an opportunity to learn, appreciate, and grow alongside individuals from various faith traditions. When we come together in this inclusive space, we share our beliefs, traditions, and practices. We celebrate our differences while recognizing our commonalities. In doing so, we pave the way for meaningful connections and an environment of peace and mutual respect.

Interfaith worship encourages us to shed biases and prejudices, fostering understanding and compassion. It challenges us to explore beyond our comfort zones and discover the beauty in traditions different from our own. The wisdom we gain from this exploration is immeasurable. It allows us to grow not only spiritually but also as individuals striving for a harmonious world.



While the benefits of interfaith worship are undeniable, criticisms do exist. Some sceptics worry that this practice may dilute the core beliefs of their faith. They fear that in the attempt to unite various traditions, the essence and sanctity of their own faith may be compromised. However, it’s essential to clarify that interfaith worship doesn’t necessitate altering one’s beliefs. Instead, it invites an open-hearted understanding of others’ beliefs.

Another concern revolves around potential conflicts arising from differing beliefs. It’s true; disagreements may occur, but interfaith dialogue teaches us to approach conflicts with respect and an intent to understand. Through healthy dialogue, these conflicts can become opportunities for growth and deeper understanding.



The journey of interfaith worship is akin to navigating a river with countless wells, each unique and significant. As we peer into these wells, we witness the diverse perspectives that enrich the river of our collective spirituality. Embracing interfaith worship offers us a chance to understand, respect, and celebrate this diversity.

In the grand tapestry of our spiritual journey, interfaith worship weaves a thread that unites us all. It’s a call to explore the depth and breadth of our spiritual essence while cherishing the beauty of our differences. Let us continue this voyage, honouring the richness that lies within the flow of the River

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