Buddy Programme - Onespirit Ministers in Connection

Buddy programme


Support for your developing ministry

Primarily for newly ordained ministers, our Buddy Programme will pair you with an experienced minister from our pool of volunteers who will sit alongside you as you take your first steps.


Simply email us with your request for a buddy, and we will talk you through the process.

Become a buddy

No matter where you are in your ministry, or how your ministry manifests, your experience and presence is invaluable to new ministers post-ordination.


If you can commit to at least 1 hour a month of 1-1 support, and regular peer supervision, please email us on the link below.

"I'm grateful to have someone echo back to me that my experience, however unique, was also part of a bigger picture, and that I am not alone in the difficulties I encountered with the training nor with the beginnings of my ministry. To me, having a buddy has been a crucial way to integrate what I'm learning into daily life and hold me gently accountable."

"Buddying with an existing minister has been invaluable this side of ordination, I have much gratitude that this system is in place. My buddy is more than simply someone to ‘check in’ with, they are a friendly face who has supported and cheered me on from the get go. Post ordination felt like stepping off a cliff to begin with, it felt like everything that had been supporting me through training had been removed, but buddying up brought a sense of continuity and direction in this ‘3rd year’. We have spoken about everything from the nature of ministry, how to approach potential clients, to how much to charge for ceremony, and how to deal with challenging situations."

"Having a buddy has been a bright light in the early months of my ministry. After ordination, we were told of the mysterious 'third year' and to give our emerging ministry at least 6 months to emerge. It's been really helpful and encouraging to have my buddy to share my journey with for that time and to also learn about their path as a minister. Ministry takes as many unique shapes and forms as we do, and the lands we live in, and so it is helpful to be held in that knowing with the experience of another minister."