Verbena - 150mL Diffuser

Verbena - 150mL Diffuser

  • "There’s no sensation quite like walking through an orange grove, or an orchard of lemons. Hemmed in on all sides by their gnarled trunks, the very air seems to almost visibly crackle with the freshness of that citrus scent. This fragrance contrasts the orange and yellow fruits in the branches, with the deep purple Verbena flowers underfoot. Whenever you find yourself in an orchard, the world feels at peace, and anything feels possible. We’ve captured that feeling for you to enjoy in your own home, and to transport yourself into that secret garden."


    Top Notes: Orange Peel


    Heart Notes: Lemon, Verbena


    Base Notes: Lime Zest


    Scent Strength:

    X X X X  

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