Vanilla & Amber - 250ml Soap Recharge

Vanilla & Amber - 250ml Soap Recharge

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  • "In ancient times, amber was thought to be the remnants of sunlight, that glowed on the crests of waves and washed up on sandy beaches. This unctuous, heavy golden fragrance has been highly prized for its healing properties for centuries. We’ve been inspired by the image of delicate madagascar vanilla pods frozen in amber, to bring you this timeless scent which connects you to thousands of years of human history. Lighting this candle is a portal to the ancient past, where sunbeams glow on the dark water."


    Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange


    Heart Notes: Coconut


    Base Notes: Amber, Crushed Almonds & Madagascan Vanilla Pods


    Scent Strength:

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