Snow Drift - Wax Melt Bauble

Snow Drift - Wax Melt Bauble

  • "We never quite escape our childlike wonder when the first few flakes of snow tumble out of the night sky like falling stars. This fragrance celebrates the light, aquatic nature of snow. Verdant geraniums bend under the weight of the thick white blanket, releasing their fresh scent into the snowy air. Frost crusts on the petals of the rose and the cyclamen, and the amber in the tree trunks shivers with anticipation of the coming blizzard. Just as that first tumble of snow transforms the land outside, transform the home inside with the subtle magic of a modern Christmas fragrance doused in marine accords."


    Top Notes: Geranium, Marine Accord


    Heart Notes: Rose, Cyclamen


    Base Notes:  Amber, Cedarwood, Vetiver


    Scent Strength:

    X X X X  

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