The Autumn Fragrance Edit

The nights are drawing in, and the leaves are teasing us with hints of red and orange on their tips. Autumn is upon us, and with it a new found love for darker and earthier scents. Gone are the days of your fresh and herbal Wild Mint Diffuser, your new goal is to create a warm and welcome environment with cosy blankets, lightly spiced scents and flickering candles.

What better way to welcome autumn than with a candle?

We love the smell of an open fire, torrenting dancing beacons of smoke up into the air. We've managed to capture the warming aroma of smouldering wood in our Wood Smoke Candle. Light for up to 3 hours at a time, and let this candle suffuse the scent of a roaring fireplace into your home.

If Wood Smoke isn't your cup of tea, why not continually scent the air with our Japanese Pear & Plum Diffuser. Inspired by the art of jam making, fruity plum reduces down with fresh rhubarb, spiked with chunky Japanese pear. Creating a tart and juicy fragrance, to bring back those childhood memories of fruit picking and jam making.

If your idea of Hygge (Danish for cosy) is the sweet scent of freshly baked biscuits, a cup of caramel hot chocolate and a warm blanket we'd recommend burning Ginger Biscuit this autumn. Gourmand scents don't only smell great, they bring life into the home creating an exciting ambience, and making us feel hungry!

I hope you've enjoyed a little insight into the world of Osmic and we've managed to give you some great ideas for scenting your home this Autumn.

- Scott x