Our Environmentally Friendly Pledge 

Environmentally Conscious and Ethical Suppliers

Locally Sourced Raw Materials

Reused and Recyclable Shipping Materials

Reusable accessories

UK Suppliers

We like to do our bit for the environment, which is why we source all our raw materials, packaging and designs from suppliers based within the UK. This helps reduce the carbon footprint meaning there is less pollution released into the environment to make an Osmic candle. Our suppliers boast a range of accolades between them such as: Environmental Management Accreditation, One Tree Planted membership and the Metal Recycles Forever campaign.

Shipping Materials

We know how wasteful shipping material can be. It’s a necessary part of protecting your products when using a courier however it’s also usually a single use item that gets disposed of as soon as you unpack your items. Osmic wants to have as little environmental impact from packing materials as possible. That's why all our shipping packaging is reused from our suppliers and supplemented where necessary with 100% recyclable materials. This helps us to contribute to a circular environmental economy.

Why do you use Vegetable Wax?

Our Vegetable waxes are environmentally friendly, derived from soybeans, coconut and rapeseed. This is compared to paraffin wax, which is derived through the crude oil industry.​

Vegetable wax is 100% biodegradable and better for the environment, compared to paraffin which is not biodegradable.​

Vegetable wax burns slower than paraffin, meaning your candle has an increased burn time and is better value for money.​

Vegetable wax burns a lot cleaner than paraffin, meaning there is less soot released into the atmosphere when burning. ​

Vegetable wax can hold a higher fragrance load than paraffin wax, meaning there is a higher quantity of fragrance oil per candle.