About - Onespirit Ministers in Connection

about us

Who are we?

OneSpirit Ministers in Connection (OSMIC)  is a touchstone for all those ministers ordained by the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation since it was founded in the UK in 1996. 


Known then as The New Seminary, those who went through the training became ‘Interfaith Ministers’ holding a space between traditional faith paths.


With the skills of spiritual counsellors and the desire to be of service, ministers have for over 25 years been a catalyst for understanding religion, spirituality, and personal development.


We were founded by volunteer ministers looking for ongoing support beyond our initial training. 

Our Mission

Our aim is to bring Onespirit graduate ministers and students into connection and support them with their ongoing ministry.

Our Values

At OSMIC, we believe that we are stronger together than we are alone. We are ripples in the tide of change.

Exec Director
Rev. Sass Adams

Ordained: 2022

Ministry: Supporting spiritual entrepreneurs in the digital space. 

Rev. Sarah Flynn

Ordained: 2000s

Ministry: Sarah helps OSMIC with finances, and runs the Buddy Programme.

Rev. Sarah McCulloch

Ordained: 2014

Ministry: Working with and supporting autistic people. Sarah keeps us on track with governance.

Book Editor Angel
Rev. April Kling-Meyer

Ordained: 2022

Ministry: Creativity IS Spirituality! Currently studying for an MA in International Peace Studies

Rev. Helen Grubert

Ordained: 2012

Ministry: Celebrant and healer. Helen leads our sharing circles and is a guest at director’s meetings.